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Cheryl Stieffel And The Business Evolution Of Miami In Focus


Cheryl Stieffel:

Business Manager & Associate Photographer

cstieffel@miamiinfocus.com or 786 509-1703
Cheryl's Biography


Early Education And Background In Art And Design

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from the Parsons School of Design was the culmination of an early studied fascination and devotion to formalist art and design that began as a child. Her intent to pursue art as a career was initially reinforced when Cheryl was granted scholastic admittance to NYC’s highly touted High School Of Art And Design.

The Collaboration of Leifer and Stieffel

Her work appeared in many local publications as she persistently sought to apply her creative illustration skills to the fulfillment of marketing and advertising assignments.
One in particular set her on a new route to creative success. Cheryl was hired by Peter Leifer to provide fashion illustrations from photographs for the A&S department store in New York City.
That working relationship expanded rapidly into a mutual business called Leifer-Stieffel that encompassed many local fashion accounts and eventually led to catalogs and photo shoots with models for the home fashion industry as well as a Wacoal campaign for stylish lingerie.
From Graphic Art To Business Aesthetics
Immediately taking reins of this new business she was able to expand her talents at business management and client relations a role in which she excels in to this very day.
Though art was her calling from a very young age she was lured by the aesthetics of photography and its use in marketing as an objective way to evolve a company’s image and brand.

Experience At Time Inc and Warner Bros.

Working with marketing and directorial teams at Warner Bros and Time Inc she found her footing as a skilled communicator and business manager with the role of unveiling and maintaining the direction and outcome of many complex projects all on the frontier of the new digital age.
The demands for perfection at Time Magazine and Warner Bros as well as the fulfillment of many complex job assignments from companies at the top of the business chain has driven her sense of perfection and the need for detail and proper management of the companies she has evolved into thriving businesses.

Skilled in Photography And Its Effective Integration Into Marketing

As a skilled photographer herself she has an intimate sense of every aspect of a job evolution and is able to assert the necessary control over the inception and fulfillment of a job.
Miami In Focus derives its strength from her perception and management skill under the paradigm that the client's needs must be innately understood and fulfilled.
That perception comes from a history of personal insight into the art of design as well as the role that photography has in unveiling the most intimate aspects of the total creative accomplishment.
Her own personal instincts for design and art have made her insights compellingly productive as an analyst and contributor to every project worked on by Miami In Focus.


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